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Mimaki, Mutoh & Roland

* * discounts for multiple heads

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play the videos for as much free karma as you need..!

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Your Free Karma Help Kit

Try and relax, you're not the only person whose printer has gone wrong

We've been there, help yourself to as much free karma as you need and try the following tips

Turn it off, then go make a cup of tea before turning it back on

Don't kick or hit the machine, (they know they have won then...)

Don't stick your fingers in or fiddle with the machine when the power is on

If its hot, come back when its cooler

If its cold, put the heating on

Ring someone who knows what they are talking about (us 01862 811379) between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday

We find a sense of humour helps as you can tell, we are real people who live in the real world and if we can help we will..!

Check out our not so helpful problem solving diagram.