We understand the issues that you the independent signmaker face, we have over 25 years in the industry, we specialise in selling new and secondhand printers, installs, servicing, parts and technical know how.

We are now offering a print head recovery option on Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland (DX4 and DX5) print heads, using professional cleaning systems, right here in the UK, we also offer a cleaning service to worldwide customers and it's one flat price per head, just *£99...!Print Head Recovery Machine

We will not lie to you, if your print head(s) are beyond recovery we will contact you and explain your options.

Ink Used

We want to know if you have used Manufacturer's Ink or a Third Party Ink. If you used Third Party Ink, please let us know the brand. It can help us in selecting the proper recovery solvents for your ink's chemical base. Again if you are using a bulk ink system it helps us to know which ink you are using, so rather than just saying third party, please be precise as not all third party ink is produced the same.

Print Head Removal

As you'll see from the terms and conditions, we have no involvement of removing or replacing the print head, if you are unfamiliar or unhappy with removing or replacing the print head we advise you to hire a service technician.

Should your print head have blown because of a short in your machine, there is nothing that can be done to repair the head. Make sure you find and repair the fault prior to fitting a new print head.

Please note we do not electrically test your print head.
We are not liable if the print head has more unrecoverable nozzles after we clean it, this can happen once in awhile.
We are not liable for any lost production time or loss of any of your customers' orders.
We are not liable for the cost of removing and/or installing of print head(s).
We are not liable for the cost of calibrating your machine.
We are not liable if you damage your machine while installing or removing a print head, calibrating your machine or any other procedure.
We are not liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from our service.
* Postage outside of the UK, please request a price before sending your print heads for cleaning.