Ok so you would like your print head professionally cleaned

1. Download the form here fill in the details & don't forget to read the small print (see Terms and Conditions on the Contact Page).

2. Make sure the machine is switched off before removing the print head(s) you wish cleaned.

3. Place the form and the print head(s) in a secure container for shipping.

4. Make sure you cap off any remaining print heads as it will take a few days, 4 working days is normal but sometimes it if the shipping is slow or we need to run a double cycle on your print head(s) it could be a little longer.

5. We recommend & use Royal Mail Special Delivery with £500.00 of insurance. If you feel this is not enough please state this on your form and we will increase this to £1,000.00 at a cost of £3.00.

6. On receipt of your print head(s) our technician will inspect them before contacting you for payment. Sometimes we can see the print head has reached the end of its life and cleaning will not help if this is the case. As we do not want to waste your money,we will contact you for instructions, we can return it at a cost of £10, or put it in the bin and there is no charge.

7. Our technicians then strap your print head(s) into our machine and run the cleaning cycle.

8. After cleaning, the print head(s) are packed up and sent back.

9. Install the cleaned print head(s) into your machine.

10. Run a flush cycle on your machine before filling the print head(s) with ink.

11. Calibrate print heads and start printing.